We are working in a little team at our tube amp manufacture. Our aim is the  fabrication and distribution of extremely audiophile tube amplifiers. We have a simple strategy and one principle in  manufacturing high end tube amps:

“High-tech components in high-tech circuits with high-end tube technology.”

New, especially developed components paired with new circuit technology lead to a revolution of the “old” tube technology. In the last two decades tube amps have known a boom in the audio-industry. With new materials and manufacturing processes the “old” tube technology could develop better transformers with quite a better sound.
For exigent customers who rely on authenticity in the reproduction of music, there can be no alternative. Tube technology is a must, and we can offer this one on a very high-end level. That is why we have launched our brand  German Tube Amps.
It is mainly important for us to be close to you, to our customers. We would like to give the possibility to our customers, to get an idea of our products and manufacture directly in situ. Like that we can develop and integrate special ideas and changes, even if the tube amplifier is in progress. In this way, we can advise our customers in an individual and detailed way.
For highest quality, all our German Tube Amps are handmade. We can realize every demand of our customers, for example concerning design, encasement or circuit in a rapid way. We can manufacture individual products reflecting the vision of our customer and they get in this way a really personalized tube amplifier.

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